Fashion Over Function

Thighs, upper arms, stomach, hips, these are the problem body parts many girls are ashamed of. Me? I hate my feet.

After years of squeezing them into too small boots and stiffly constructed flats, all for the sake of looking good, I now have the first signs of toe bunions. The heel of my foot is deformed as well (a condition cleverly coined the “pump bump”), because I insisted on wearing mid-heel pumps everywhere for the past two years to achieve that perfect 1960s look. There was one point when my ankles were so swollen from blisters that I could not walk and had to be carried places.

I wish I could say that the discomfort stopped at my toes, but I don’t think I own a single item of “comfortable” clothing either.

When I moved to Europe and started living out of a suitcase I decided sweatpants were a.) taking up too much space and b.) not doing me any favors.
I threw them all in the trash and haven’t looked back since. I may come home with bloody feet and no lounge clothes to relax in, but I refuse to change my ways. I have committed myself to a particular lifestyle—one of fashion over function.

However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to wonder if maybe I should be taking care of myself more. After all, I can’t afford to go to the doctor every time I suffer a fashion induced injury (which is more often than not). Instead of freezing to death in the middle of January because “a coat would ruin my outfit” or having people gawk at my blisters, wouldn’t it be smarter to just dress appropriately? After pondering these thoughts for about 10 seconds, I still arrive at the same conclusion—a firm “no.”

Because, after all, when have you ever heard someone receive a compliment or an envious stare because of their comfortable looking jeans and hoodie? The answer is never.


* Artwork by Christina M Garcia *

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