The Difference Between Understanding Astrology and Letting Astrology Control Your Life

In high school I used to pick out red strands of my strawberry blonde hair, because I wanted to be fully blonde like everyone else. In college I dated guys I wasn’t all that interested in, because I was scared to be alone. And during the first few months of post-grad life, I went out drinking a lot, because I thought that was what I was supposed to do as a 20-something living in London and New York. I lived a life of constantly comparing myself to others, and trying to fit into what seemed normal. But then I discovered astrology, and suddenly everything started to make more sense…

Encouraged by my therapist (who is also my part time astrologist), I learned how to read my own birth chart and the charts of other people close to me. Each planet’s position on my chart explains certain aspects of my personality. Once I realized that these aspects were there on purpose, I accepted my flaws more easily.



I have Saturn in my 7th house, which indicates that I probably won’t have a successful romantic relationship until around the time I’m 30, and that my partner will be someone older. Meanwhile, my 8th house, Pisces Venus and Moon placements explain my overly emotional and attachment issues with sex. Oh, so that’s why relationships with guys my own age never last more than 4 months!

Where my Uranus is located, in the house of work and wellness, explains my ongoing anxiety (nail biter, hello), while my Pluto placement reveals childhood family problems and a controlling mother (messy divorce, will get into later). Most difficult of all, I have Chiron in my first house, which finally gives me an explanation for all the self esteem and body image issues that plagued me growing up (like the time I freaked out about being fat after living in Italy for a year).


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Then of course, there are the regular changes in my transit chart, which determine how I feel on any given day. Since I have a prominent moon, my emotions go up and down with the moon’s cycles. The next full moon is scheduled for July 27, so watch out everyone.

But for every hard characteristic in someone’s chart, there is a positive one and the capability to heal. It’s important to not let ourselves be boxed in by what astrology tells us by focusing only on the negative. For example, most of us are guilty of using Mercury in Retrograde as an excuse for everything in life, from showing up late to work to delaying going after what we really want. And then of course there’s this:



The other week I had a friend text me, depressed about something she read in her transit chart. Her Chiron, the planet that indicates your biggest wounds, was crossing her ascendant. Ouch. From my own past experience with it, this transit is painful, because it throws your whole sense of self into question.

“I sometimes hide behind these transits, thinking I can’t do certain things and it’s not the right time for something. I think that’s a shitty way to think about it though,” she texted.

“Definitely, I caught myself doing the same thing. Just because Chiron is passing over your ascendant doesn’t mean your life will suck for the next few months, it just means that when it’s over you’ll feel noticeably lighter,” I responded. “Like my chart says I won’t be in a relationship this year, but I choose to ignore it.”

So while astrology is scarily accurate, it doesn’t completely define who you are. It’s there to show you what your karmic purpose in life is and where you need to do more work on yourself. Am I going to stop looking for love until I’m 30, or accept that I’m simply uncomfortable in my own skin? Of course not. Life would be so boring if I didn’t have all these problems to worry and obsess over. Eventually, I’ll learn from them too.


Image from @jakesastrology


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