I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had people ridicule the fact that I have a fashion blog.

“Oh my god fashion blogger, outfit of the day, basic betch, like totally,” are some of the catcalls I receive while posing in the street for photos.

People can laugh all they want, but what they don’t know is this blog got me into the #1 fashion school in the world, has landed me numerous internships, and has given me a shit ton of self confidence along the way.

However, being a blogger continues to be looked down upon, even from within the realm of the fashion industry. Editors and journalists mock the crowds of self-­proclaimed fashionistas who hang around the entrances to fashion week shows, and bloggers with large Instagram followings are likened to reality TV stars (famous just for being famous).

But why is having a blog seen as something negative? After all, digital is the future of fashion. A former religious reader of Vogue, I now can’t even recall the last time I purchased a print magazine, but I can spend all day perusing content on Man Repeller or simply just Instagram. Online content is immediate and more relevant. I would much rather read the writing of my contemporaries than some boring accessory trend article written by a pretentious magazine editor.

When it came to my own website, I wanted to find a middle ground that was
neither strictly “outfit of the day” photos, nor 2000 word articles about the latest runway looks. But I wasn’t sure how to do this or what to write about. At last, I was given a nudge in the right direction w hen discussing STALK with a fellow blogger last October.

“Alice, no one cares about the clothes— Vogue already has that covered. Just be yourself and people will automatically be more interested,” she preached.

I was skeptical back then, especially since I was going to graduate school to become a fashion journalist. But I reflected on what articles and books I liked to read the most, and the majority of them did not involve clothing. I actually really love to read about other people’s lives and problems, and I reckon that there are other people out there who are just as nosy.

And so, little by little I started to put more of my neurotic personality into every new post, and as I opened up online I finally found a writing voice to call my own. I may not be able to keep up with every clothing trend or pay for numerous trips to far away destinations, but I’ve created an online space of my own, where I have full control over all of the content. Blogging has also forced me to stop caring so much about what other people think. Only a certain type of person can run around in public areas, repeating the same poses over and over again, just to get a good photo. To all the cat callers out there, all I have to say is:

Who ya calling basic now? BETCH


* Artwork by Christina M Garcia *

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