A Beginner’s Guide to Fashion Week

Fashion month is now well underway. I’ve stalked the New York and London collections (all subpar, in my opinion) and now the attention has been turned towards Milan and Paris. Contrary to what I may say on my social media posts though, I rarely actually get to attend any of these shows. Take this season for example. For the entirety of London Fashion Week I sat on my ass inside an office, chained to a computer, while I oversaw all of the editors’ schedules and ticket requests. But like in any other career path, you’ve gotta start somewhere.

In the past I’ve been somewhat luckier. Places I’ve interned before have given me their extra tickets to shows that they didn’t have time to attend, and I’ve found myself in their front row seats. Then at other times I’ve simply tracked down a show location and stalked the well dressed celebrities and journalists outside of it. Whatever my fashion week status may be though, I always follow a set of guidelines on how you should comport yourself. Keep reading to find out how to look like you belong on the FROW even if you may not even possess an invite.


I. Confidence is Key

Literally, just order a black car Uber, take it to the address of where a show is being held (all locations can be found on Vogue Runway’s website), and step out of it like you own the place. If you act like you’re legit, then photographers will believe you actually are and swarm you. As the age old saying goes, “fake it till you make it.”

II. Dress the Part

No one likes a person who wears head­-to-­toe Topshop or Zara. It’s time to think in terms of quality over quantity, and those clothes are meant to fall apart after several washes. If you’re povo, either stop spending all your money on unnecessary items like food and alcohol and save for some actual quality pieces or shop vintage. That being said, if you’re not povo and can afford designer pieces, still be careful. No one likes the girl who flaunts her basic Valentino Rockstud flats and matching tote. It’s all about the high-­low mix.

III. Know Where to Go

Figure out show locations. Like I said before, they’re all on Vogue Runway. Shows are normally scattered all over the city so don’t make the mistake I did one year in Milan and show up to the wrong venue for Marni only to find an empty warehouse and a ton of blisters on your feet.

IV. Know Who the Major Fashion Players Are

Obvi it’s nice to know who Anna Wintour or Suzy Menkes are right before they walk right past you. Don’t be clueless. If you do your research, then fashion week turns into a prime ground for stalking people.

* Artwork by Christina M Garcia *

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