Written by Frances Dean | Edited by Alice Bell

I complain a lot about how shitty my love life is. Now that I’ve gone a full year with absolutely no progress being made in the relationship department though, I realized maybe it was time I got another perspective on this whole dating thing. Meet Frances, our newest contributor to STALK. Frances and I both grew up in random ass Tennessee, where all anyone cares about is what country club you belong to and if you’ve locked down a husband before the age of 25. Luckily, we both managed to escape, and now Frances lives and studies full time in New York. I don’t know how she did it, but she has managed to find love in a city known for being completely unromantic. Below, Frances offers some insight into the world of mature, adult relationships, because this is an area in which I have absolutely no experience.



​I’m currently in a committed relationship but rarely has that been the case. Until recently my dating life was more or less the real life version of a A Series of Unfortunate Events. There was Alan, who ghosted me (twice); a guy I met on Tinder who cried on our fourth date, and a freshman who threw up on me. The list goes on and on. But things have been going so well with my current boyfriend that it almost feels like he lives with me. In fact, I was recently asked why we didn’t just move in together? To help myself and all of you girls out there answer this question, I made a flow chart. 


Important note: NEVER move in with a guy just to save money on rent. 

Frances Dean is a student at Barnard College in New York and an Editorial Intern at Harper’s Bazaar

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