High Shine

Sex is back in style.

It’s not like it ever left though.

I made the mistake of wearing my black, patent mini skirt on a school field trip a few years back. “Wow Alice, you look like you’re really into some hardcore S&M stuff. It makes sense though, considering your last boyfriend was such a lil’ bitch,” one of my male classmates taunted me. I laughed and quickly brushed it off as a young boy’s ignorance. I was used to my peers not understanding my sophisticated fashion tastes–they were all “so basic,” as I would often say. So why was it that later that evening I found myself replaying his comment? Did I really have bad

taste in men? And what was my role in all of these romantic relationships? Looking down at the shiny faux leather hugging my hips, I realized that my clothes had been giving off a message over which I had no control. That was the day I knew I had to work in fashion. It was also the day I decided I was no longer interested in dating the “nice guy.”

It seemed the fashion industry was in on the sex joke as well this season. At Louis Vuitton, Nicholas Ghesquière suited up his models in glossy red and black cropped trousers, which clung suggestively to the upper thighs.

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No Longer Interested in Dating the “Nice Guy“” show_quote_icon=”no” text_color=”#ffffff” width=”100″ background_color=”#000000″]

Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs’ goth princesses strutted their stuff in clunky, platform stripper boots, peeking out from underneath their not-so-innocent, patent petticoats. Even Valentino strayed from it’s usual elegant signature with transparent PVC, embellished with the brand’s signature rockstuds.


When the bondage look finally hit the high street as part of Alexa

Chung’s second collaboration with British department store, Marks & Spencer, I was first in line to purchase the hyped up, vinyl trench coat. Feeling half like I’ve stepped of a 1960s spaceship and half like Britney Spears in her Oops! I Did it Again music video circa 2001, I now prowl the streets as a newly sexed up, single woman. No one dares to question your authority (or relationship status) when you’re dressed in head to toe patent. Boys, beware.

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