“Umm hashtag TBT” I heard a fellow American girl say to her friends as she looked me up and down on the sidewalk. I was in Florence, Italy on a Tuesday morning, and these girls were clearly basic study abroad betches headed to their class on Wine Tasting or Italian 101. I took offense at the fact that they thought I was one of them—on a party tour around Europe for the semester—until I realized what I looked like. Wearing a Barbour jacket and skinny jeans, with iPhone in hand (open to Google Maps) they were right to assume I was some kind of lost American tourist, like they had been 2 months prior.

Despite the fact that I’ve spent a combined total of 4 years living abroad, I still haven’t nailed down the whole “Euro” look or attitude. I’m still that same overly excited, so not chill American girl, and I’ve finally learned just to embrace it. That’s why I’m wearing a dress in the middle of March for this shoot (Americans are notorious for dressing out of season). Ignoring the Italian grandmothers pointing their fingers at me and the sketch men blatantly staring at my bare legs, I strolled around the Giardini di Boboli like it was the middle of July. Seriously, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

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