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Whenever things don’t work out with the guy I’m seeing I’m never that sad, because I know we’ll bump into each other in the future. I have a way of drawing guys back in, because I’m hotter than anyone else they’ll ever date. Just last week, actually, I had one of these fateful ex run-ins.

When I was 14 I went away to nerd camp at Duke University. Instead of playing sports and camping out, I spent my summer locked in a dark classroom discussing books and participating in mock court cases. I always sign myself up for the weirdest stuff. However, even at nerd camp we still had a campus stud.

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Enter Alejandro. (He won’t care that I’ve used his name, because he never checks social media.) Already way more sexually experienced than any of the other preteens at camp, he ran through about 15 girlfriends in 3 weeks. Naturally, I was one of the chosen, because there was no real competition. After less than a day of dating, I decided I was no longer interested and dumped him via a message on a t-shirt I was wearing. Fashion really does have a function.

Clearly the guy never got over the breakup, because 8 years later he asked me out for drinks when we were both in New York. After standing him up several times, I finally agreed to a date under the condition that he would participate in a blog shoot. We ended up having a nice little fling, but in the end I left. No guy is ever worth staying for. Besides, I had to jet off London to embark on the next chapter of my life…

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* Photography by Julia Bell *


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