Call Me


Stalker is the nickname I rightly earned growing up. My adolescent years were spent either in the car circling the houses and hangout spots of my crushes or on Facebook monitoring every new photo upload and status update. Sadly, there came a day when this behavior was no longer cute, but borderline creepy. So instead of running the risk of receiving a restraining order, I decided to turn my stalking skills towards fashion.

I’m still obsessed with hunting down clothes, but since it’s birth in 2014 STALK has turned into so much more than a fashion blog. It discusses the problems myself and most girls are faced with today, whether that be not having enough money to buy the clothes you want, doing “anything for the Insta” or getting ghosted by your latest hookup. Because, after all, aren’t we all just a little psycho??

When not stalking fashion editors and boys on social media, Alice is a fashion assistant at in New York. She writes, styles, and handles the social media for STALK.

Behind every good blog is an even more amazing photographer. Enter Christina, a multifaceted visual artist who earned her trade in Europe. She and Alice met at university in Lugano, Switzerland before Christina realized Italy was where she belonged. She creates STALK’s featured illustrations, photographs, and the websites current layout.